Guide to buying property in Turkey


    Turkey is a magnificent place where East meets West, it's stretched from the Anatolian to the Balkan peninsula and is actually bigger than Spain, France or Germany - its territory covers more than 783K square kilometers of land. If you've ever been to Turkey, you will always remember its cuisine - mix of Mediterranean and Asian meals where seafood, fresh vegs, baklava, gozleme and kebab coexist and complement one another. Turkey has something to offer to everyone - busy cities like Istanbul or Ankara with their hectic pace of life, relaxed seaside towns like Fethiye or Bodrum where life goes slower or ski resorts like Saklikent or Palandoken. And who didn't admire pictures of flying balloons in Cappadocia?

    It's no wonder more and more Europeans head to Turkey to get a feel of its vibes. 5 star hotels are no longer enough to dive into the culture and ambience of Turkey, thus a great part of visitors decide for renting or owning property.

    And that's the right time to think about such an opportunity - property prices are low, government is taking new measures to make the purchase process easier and country is getting more international. Now take your chance to get a property bargain in Turkey with help of our Turkey Property Guide.

    Turkey property buying guide

    Want to make a risk free investment? Check options Turkey can offer you - such as low prices, breathtaking views and spacious properties.

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